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New titles from Dartmouth writers (May/June 2022)

Big Picture


Tuck prof Emily Blanchard heads to D.C.

Continuing Ed

The New York Mets president on America’s game


Lauded for her leadership on same-sex marriage, groundbreaking Judge Beth Robinson ’86 joins the federal bench.
Religion professor Randall Balmer brings historical perspective—and personal experience—to his assessment of the religious right.
A fresh perspective of the waterway that made the College
Jim Kim’s visionary program has been improving healthcare around the world for a decade—one project at a time.
Professor Soo Sunny Park lights up the art world with her innovative sculpture.
Two alums provide the ultimate safety net with their pluck-survivors- from-disaster service, Global Rescue.
Can new squash coach Vikram Malhotra bring his Trinity magic to the Big Green?


Readers write, react, and respond. (May/June 2022)

Look Who’s Talking

Creative writing lecturer and novelist

Voices in the Wilderness

Artist Karyn Olivier ’89 digs into history.
Engineer Marty Odlin ’04, Th’07, makes waves with kelp.
Ukraine crisis greets Mark Brzezinksi ’87, the new U.S. ambassador to Poland.
Casting director Danica Rodriguez ’18 promotes inclusivity.

Web Extras

An excerpt from “War and American Life,” a collection of essays about U.S. veterans
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Alumni Books
New titles from Dartmouth writers (July/August 2022)
Flight Control
Drone proponent Kenji Sugahara ’95 seeks friendlier skies.
The Hop As You’ve Never Seen It Before

A photographic tribute to the cultural center of campus on its golden anniversary.

Allan A. Ryan ’66
A legal expert on war crimes—and worse

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