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Big Picture


Erich Osterberg is at his best when he’s under the weather.

Continuing Ed

Shazam’s cofounder on being a “wantrapreneur”


Amid the turmoil of post-Civil War America, Amos Akerman, class of 1842, went toe to toe with the KKK.
Professors reveal the books they’ve read in the year of the pandemic.
Despite a life of hard knocks, Reggie Williams ’76 keeps on keeping on.
Allie Young ’13 got voters to the polls—on horseback.
Writer Paul Maclean ’28 lived hard, died young, and became the center of an acclaimed novel by his brother, Norman Maclean ’24.
What do mummified baboons have to do with the origins of international commerce? Everything!
Lawyer and activist Maya Wiley ’86 explains why she wants to be the next mayor of New York City.


Readers write, react, and respond. (March/April 2021)

Look Who’s Talking

Assistant professor of Italian

Voices in the Wilderness

Zoo CEO J. Kirby Fowler Jr. ’88 walks on the wild side.
Mohawk filmmaker Tracey Deer ’00 fights stereotypes.
Ophthalmologist Bonnie An Henderson ’89, DMS ’93, innovates for cataract patients.
Kate Cohen ’92 casts her eye on our culture—and her kitchen.

Web Extras

The introduction to “Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice,” by Bruce Levine
An excerpt from “Resilient By Nature”
How to Use Affirmations

Green Room

Textile designer Jean Mason ’11 explains how she found her way as an artist, designer, and small business owner.
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Alumni Books
New titles from Dartmouth writers (July/August 2022)
Flight Control
Drone proponent Kenji Sugahara ’95 seeks friendlier skies.
The Hop As You’ve Never Seen It Before

A photographic tribute to the cultural center of campus on its golden anniversary.

Allan A. Ryan ’66
A legal expert on war crimes—and worse

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