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New titles from Dartmouth writers (May/June 2019)


With his Church of the Woods, the Rev. Stephen Blackmer ’79 is a new voice in the wilderness.
Bancor cofounder Galia Benartzi ’04 bets on cryptocurrencies.
Photographer Theresa Menders ’88 hopes to change the way we view refugees.
“Is Dartmouth a religion?” That’s the question posed by a special 250th anniversary class.
Eight female climbers test their courage by scaling one of Italy’s highest peaks. But will they survive the men on the mountain?
Eighteen alums offer new graduates advice to live by.
The derring-do of Richard Kersting ’42 in Normandy was recounted in a news account that sounds like something out of a John Wayne movie.
A look back at Paul Tsongas ’62, a most unlikely presidential candidate.
On acting and stagecraft
“My voice is a God-given gift,” says prizewinner Raleigh Nesbitt ’19.
How to Tell a Joke | Lewis Glinert, Professor of Hebrew
An arboreal update from Pine Park
“…and the granite of New Hampshire keeps the record of their fame.”


Readers write, react, and respond. (May/June 2019)

Look Who’s Talking

Violinist, Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

Voices in the Wilderness

“Lawyer of the Year” Mike Behn ’83 targets crooked corporations.
Sotheby’s executive Yin Zhao ’06 wins mega-million-dollar auctions.
Entrée entrepreneur Steph Lawrence ’06 makes the world smaller, one meal at a time.
Photographer Eric Hatch ’68 is called to help addicts.
Hollywood taps Guggenheim exec Brendan Connell ’87.
Pueblo engineer Phoebe Suina ’98, Th’99, Th’01, fights to protect tribal heritage.

Web Extras

EXCERPT: A young bride-to-be harbors a dark secret.
Food writer Priya Krishna ’13 shares a tangy recipe from her new cookbook.
Jay Evans
Whitewater sports legend Jay Evans ’49 advised Ledyard paddlers and coached the first U.S. whitewater Olympic team. Seven athletes remember how he changed their lives.
EXCERPT: A wilderness canoe trip takes a dark turn.
EXCERPT: A computer science professor warns that humans are not wired to be constantly wired.
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Alumni Books
New titles from Dartmouth writers (July/August 2022)
Flight Control
Drone proponent Kenji Sugahara ’95 seeks friendlier skies.
The Hop As You’ve Never Seen It Before

A photographic tribute to the cultural center of campus on its golden anniversary.

Allan A. Ryan ’66
A legal expert on war crimes—and worse

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